How to Sell Your House Fast

Selling a house quickly in today’s market can be challenging, but it is possible if you prepare properly and price your home right. With the right strategy, you can reduce the amount of time your house sits on the market and sell it fast, even in a slow market. This blog post covers tips and strategies you can use to sell your house quickly.

Price It Right

The most important factor in selling your house fast is ensuring you price it correctly based on its condition and your local real estate market. Overpricing will deter buyers and result in your home sitting unsold for longer. On the other hand, underpricing means you leave money on the table. Work with a knowledgeable real estate agent to determine the optimal listing price that accurately reflects the value of your home. The right price will attract more buyers and offers, leading to a faster sale. When learning how to sell your house fast, pricing it appropriately is key.

Prepare and Stage Your Home

Presenting a clean, clutter-free, and tastefully arranged home is the best way to sell your house fast. Make sure everything is spotless, store extra goods, do small fixes, maintain the landscaping, and think about painting the rooms again. Furthermore, arranging your house can increase its appeal to potential buyers, which could result in a quicker sale and a better sale price. If required, employ a staging expert.

Improve Curb Appeal

Since curb appeal is what draws potential buyers from the street to your front door, ensure your home’s exterior looks inviting. Tidy up your front yard, add flowers and potted plants, repaint your front door, apply fresh mulch, and ensure exterior lighting is adequate. Sprucing up the exterior can help sell your home faster.

Be Flexible About Showings and Open Houses

The more exposure your home gets, the quicker you can expect an offer. Be as flexible as possible about showings and hold several open houses, even pre-market open houses to generate interest. Make it easy for your agent to show your home, even with short notice. The more buyers who see it, the faster you’ll find a purchaser.

Consider As-Is Condition or Repairs

Sellers sometimes offer a credit or reduction in price to buyers who forgo repairs and accept the home in as-is condition. Or you can make repairs upfront to address anything that may deter buyers upon viewing your home. Fix leaky faucets, crackled paint, damaged floors or appliances not functioning properly. Making repairs demonstrates care for the home but can also facilitate a faster sale without buyers factoring in repair costs.

Get Pre-approved for Loans

To attract buyers who have their financing in order, have open houses where lenders are present to pre-approve buyers on the spot. Pre-approved buyers have an easier time securing mortgages and demonstrating they can complete transactions quickly with less risk of their loans falling through. Cash buyers also make for quicker sales, so market to investors looking for homes needing renovations they can purchase with cash.

The Power of Cash Offers

Cash offers can be extremely motivating for sellers looking for a quick and straightforward sale. Cash buyers have financing readily available and their offers do not contain contingencies for securing a loan or appraisal values. This allows them to purchase properties outright and close deals swiftly. Sellers may also perceive cash offers as more legitimate and likely to actually complete the transaction. If you are willing to price your home appropriately and market to investors with cash on hand, promoting the availability of quick cash sales could certainly expedite the selling process.

Consider Auctions or Reducing the Commission

Some sellers hold auctions, allowing the free market to determine a home’s value. Auctions can also generate quick sales by creating urgency among interested buyers. Or reduce the selling agent’s commission slightly to motivate them to sell quickly by making it worth their while through a larger volume of transactions. Just ensure you hire an experienced agent familiar with your local market first.

Offer Incentives to Buyers

Offering buyers incentives makes your home and transaction more enticing. Consider contributing to closing costs or including home warranties along with the purchase to add value for the buyer. Incentives make buyers more likely to view and make an offer on your home versus others without perks. Sweetening the deal facilitates faster sales.

Be Realistic About the Market

Understand your local real estate market conditions from housing inventory to buyer demand in different price ranges and neighborhoods. Set realistic expectations about how quickly your particular home can sell based on its specifics and your market. Then price and prepare your home accordingly following tips that align with market reality.


Selling your house faster often comes down to pricing, preparation and presentation to make it stand out to serious buyers ready to move quickly. Work with an experienced local real estate agent, leverage technology for maximum exposure, understand your market dynamics and use some combination of the above strategies to reduce days on market and sell your home more swiftly. With the right approach tailored to your home and area as well as reasonable expectations set, selling your house fast is an achievable goal.